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    Golf course regulation

    1. Any people other than players or members of the staff are not allowed on the course.

    2. Opening hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm every day of the year, except on December 25TH and January 1ST, or in case of case exceptional circumstances.

    3. Each player has to register before teeing off, either with the starter or at the reception

    4. There is a dress code for playing on the course

    5. Beginners are allowed to use the course after approval of the professional or starter

    6. If a group of golfers play out of time, they are obliged to let the group behind them pass

    7. It is the player’s duty to repair any divots he makes

    8. A maximum of 5 players per group is allowed

    9. Players on their second round have the right of way

    10. It is not allowed to change the order of the holes while playing

    11. Golf carts have to keep a distance of 20 yards from the greens and 10 yards from the tees

    12. Only two players per golf cart are allowed

    13. Minors are not allowed to drive golf carts

    Violation of any rule will be subject to punishment from the golf committee of the general director’s office.

    The maximum authority of the golf course is the professional in charge.


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